8 December 2017- 7 January 2018 BAZI Forecast

Hi I am here again, Master Judith Eugenio, and I am very happy to share with you our forecast for 8 December 2017 - 7 January, 2018.  But before anything else, do you know your DAYMASTER? If the answer NO, kindly log in to this website http://bazi.kevinfoongcg.com/blogin and type in your DATE OF BIRTH and TIME. Do not panic, if you do not have your time of hour, the forecast will be based on your Daymaster.   So see below a sample bazi chart;















Here we go:



JIA WOOD Daymasters, your mental power is strong this month so you are advised to spend your time in doing research, planning and getting a new skill set.  You may feel that the ability to absorb all these knowledge is smooth and fluid.  So take advantage of this month’s energy to build your confidence even more.  Help is always available when you need it; just know when to ask for it.

YI WOOD Daymasters, invest on yourself this month. The energy of research, planning and learning new skill set is highly advisable as you can easily pick up this knowledge without much effort.  In the event that you will need help and support, there will be people who will be there to back you up.  Some signs of money luck too.

BING FIRE Daymasters, this month, you are advised to postpone making any major decisions as the energy of the month is not going well with you.  As much as possible stay under the radar.  If you are feeling so stressed up, step back a bit and learn to take things slow. Be careful when signing legal documents; examine each page carefully to avoid any legal issues later on.   Stay away from extreme activities or sports.

DING FIRE Daymasters, this month, you may require taking a higher role with more responsibility at home or at work. It can be quite stressful and challenging, but accept it anyway. Keep your eyes open on dealing with legal papers; do not take this for granted as you are prone to make lapses at this area.  Be careful when driving esp. on the road to avoid any road mishaps.  For ladies, if you are single and looking for a potential partner, this is the month to go out dating.

WU EARTH Daymasters, prepare your mind, as huge expenditures can happen. Just make sure that the money that you spend is put to good use.  Be wise in your spending.  Use your money on where you know you have great gains later on.  At the same manner, be wary of people who will try to con you. Stay away from borrowers, you may not recoup. For single men, this is the best time to go on dates.

JI EARTH Daymasters, this month, you may find it difficult to save money as their will be uncontrollable expenses that keep popping up.  Control your money and not the other way around.  Spend only where it is required.  Put your money where you know it can grow.  Only spend on the needs but not the wants. 

GENG METAL Daymasters, a very busy month that needs your full attention as you plan for an expansion and execution.  While there can be signs of your workload increasing and not hitting your level of expectations with your bosses, it would be better to manage your relationship with them than complain about it. Your creativity is quite strong this month.  Tap on to this energy for more business planning and creating strategies.

XIN METAL Daymasters, you will find that there are a lot of new creative ideas coming your way, so try to use this to make sure that you’re well planned for the year ahead. You may feel a bit unhappy with your working environment this month.  Learn how to handle the situation tactfully.  Build a better relationship with them instead as not to hinder you from getting your job opportunities. 

REN WATER Daymasters, this is a good month for socializing. Do not think twice in going out to meet old friends and meeting new ones. There is a great opportunity in creating new set of network, and this will be beneficial for you in the long run, sometimes it’s not what you know but whom you know. There can be some signs of accidental money, meaning from investments or money that you do not work for.  Budget it wisely so that it won’t flow easily. 

GUI WATER Daymaster, be wise this month,  as you need to be watchful on where your money is heading out.  There can be huge expenditures.  So avoid any risky investments. Stay away from people who may try to take advantage of you.  But do try to spend the time to socialize, as you’ll meet up a lot of amazing people, who you might want to collaborate with in the future.


So, how did you find our forecast this month? Do you think it is interesting and useful? If the answer is YES, be wise and use this to your advantage and be one step ahead of everyone else. Please do share this forecast with your family and friends. To know more about your luck for this month, just go to this link; https://www.juditheugenioglobal.com/store and book for a consultation. Stay tuned for next month’s bazi forecast. Thank you!