8 November- 7 December 2017 BAZI Forecast

Hi I am here again, Master Judith Eugenio, and I am very happy to share with you our forecast for 8 November- 7 December 2017 Bazi Forecast.  But before anything else, do you know your DAYMASTER? If the answer NO, kindly log in to this website http://bazi.kevinfoongcg.com/blogin and type in your DATE OF BIRTH and TIME. Do not panic, if you do not have your time of hour, the forecast will be based on your Daymaster.   So see below a sample bazi chart;















Here we go:



For JIA WOOD Daymasters, you have to be careful of legal issue and pay attention to the fine print when signing legal documents. You may be required to take on a leadership role for this month. For the ladies who are looking for potential partner, expand your social circle. Teach yourself new knowledge and skill set and this will come in handy for your career in the future.

For YI WOOD Daymasters, it can be a pretty stressful month, so learn to handle things with care and thread carefully. It is wise not to be taking reckless decision. There are signs of income growth, so use this month properly to tap onto this opportunity.

For BING FIRE Daymasters, strong expenses can come up this month, so ensure you only spent on areas that requires them. For the guys, such month is good to look out for your potential partners. Remember not to build up stress and exercise regularly so you can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

For DING FIRE Daymasters, there can be new sources of investment income, but also strong signs of expenses. Control where your budget is heading out. There's a good chance that you might be considering of changing your career and job. Examine your options properly before you make the decision to quit on your current job. 

For WU EARTH Daymasters, you can be very unhappy with your working environment this month. Learn how to handle the situation tactfully and do not let your emotion get the better of you. The expense star is strengthen, so prudently watch on your budget.

For JI EARTH Daymasters, such month is better to work harder and lower down your expectation. It is a great month for you to listen to your ideas and strategize. On expenses wise, you should be more prudent and control when your budget is heading out.

For GENG METAL Daymasters, there can be signs of accidental money which means it could be from investment or money that you do not work for. Your creative energy is flowing strongly, so make the best of it to implement and execute and you will find great results.

For XIN METAL Daymasters, it is a great month for socializing and expanding your social circle. You will find great opportunities among your friendship circle. While there can be signs of your workload increasing and not hitting your level of expectation with your bosses, it would be better to manage your relationship with your boss actively than to complain about it. 

For REN WATER Daymasters, this is a good month as your nobleman and benefactor is around with you this month. Seek help when you required them. Such month is great for learning a new skill set as you find absorbing the new knowledge is much easier than before. Making new friends is an added advantage.

For GUI WATER Daymaster, there are strong signs of money received from other income sources not deriving from work, so pay attention to your business and investment. If you find yourself needing help, you should voice out as the right benefactor will appear when you need them. 


So, how did you find our forecast this month? Do you think it is interesting and useful? If the answer is YES, be wise and use this to your advantage and be one step ahead of everyone else. Please do share this forecast with your family and friends. To know more about your luck for this month, just go to this link; https://www.juditheugenioglobal.com/store and book for a consultation. Stay tuned for next month’s bazi forecast. Thank you!