Commercial Feng Shui Consultation
Office Building

Seating of all key personnel is crucial in office Feng Shui.  Placement in a good position for the CEO and similarly high ranking personnel affect the performace of the company.  Other factors include location of the office main door and interior structure for good for good Qi flow.

Factories & Warehouses

Workers well-being is important when it comes to factories Feng Shui audit as the production is affected if there is negative energy that causes conflict. The key focus is also on the location of the machinery where they are placed so there are no accidents and break downs. Key personnel best sitting position is included in the analysis.

Shopping Malls &
Store outlets

The entrance and exit of the shopping mall and store outlets are crucial as the Qi flow will affect visitors to the mall. Location of the management office, branded outlets and other landmarks are key factors. Whether a shopping mall is going to be packed or scarce of people depends on these Feng Shui principles.

Restaurants & Cafes

The main door entrance of your restaurant & cafes, position of your cash register and placement of the kitchen are paramount focus of good Feng Shui. Ensuring good flow of energy provides a conducive environment for the staff. Selecting the best unit using Feng Shui in a shopping mall for your restaurant or cafe is the first step to successful planning of your series of outlets.