9 October- 7 November 2017 BAZI Forecast

Hi I am here again, Master Judith Eugenio, and I am very happy to share with you our forecast for October 9- November 7, 2017 Bazi Forecast.  But before anything else, do you know your DAYMASTER? If the answer NO, kindly log in to this website http://bazi.kevinfoongcg.com/blogin and type in your DATE OF BIRTH and TIME. Do not panic, if you do not have your time of hour, the forecast will be based on your Daymaster.   So see below a sample bazi chart;















Here we go:



For JIA WOOD Daymasters, this is quite a challenging month for you, as you would find that the energy is a bit against you.  Just stay calm and keep a low profile.  If you find people are trying to go against you or has hostile tendencies towards you, remember do not engage.  Best to avoid them at this point.  At the same time, avoid making major decisions. To ensure a successful month ahead, do your due diligence and focus on careful planning

For YI WOOD Daymasters, you are looking at more signs of job responsibilities. You can be asked to take on a new leadership role at home or a possible job promotion at work. 
Be careful on some legal offenses and pay extra attention when working on legal document.  Make sure to read the fine print because you’ll be prone to make mistakes at this area. For single ladies, this is a good time for you to meet guys if you are looking for a new potential partner. 

For BING FIRE Daymasters, be watchful of your finances, because of more expenses coming out for you this month.  But don’t worry because there are also some new opportunities heading your way. Use this month’s energy on going back to your intensive planning to really ensure a fruitful month this October. 

For DING FIRE Daymasters, do expect a very busy month, energy that is full of execution as well as opportunities. There might be some instances that you might feel unhappy with your superiors, you are advised to  take it the right way by building a better relationship with them instead as not hinder you from getting your  job opportunities.

For WU EARTH Daymasters, you will find that there’s a lot of new creative ideas coming your way, so try to use these creative energy and strategic planning  to make sure that you’re well planned for the year ahead.  This is also a very good month to be socializing, as you may find great opportunities within the people you meet. 

For JI EARTH Daymasters, “busy” is the new word for you, as you find yourself engaging in a lot of planning, project execution and many tireless nights. But just keep going with your planning, since this is necessary for you in the upcoming year 2018.  Pay more attention into your investment portfolio, you might experience some problems if you don’t keep them in checked.

For GANG METAL Daymasters, a good month for you to be looking ahead, a new wave of social people coming into your social circle, which means you, will find a lot of new opportunities. At the same time, good time for planning your business development as this will translate into income later.  But do plan it very carefully to avoid problems in the future. 

For XIN METAL Daymasters, a great month to be looking at your investments as new sources of income are coming in. Ideal time to be studying a new set of skills, as this will come handy when you need it in the future.  If you need some help, don’t hesitate to ask as you will be getting all the help you need for your endeavors this month.

For REN WATER Daymasters, you should be planning ahead and learn a new skill set as you will find that these energies will resonate with you very well.  Also understand that as you will find yourself very busy with all the learning and planning, do not neglect your health.  Please do get yourself a check up before it will come at a problem stage later.

For GUI WATER Daymaster, good news! You will find that energy is cooperating with you and the challenges you faced in the previous months will be slowly going away. But be mindful in signing contracts and legal papers because this month is prone to these certain issues. You are also encouraged to learning new things as this will take you on a long journey ahead.  You are also advised to be careful if you plan to fly overseas.


So, how did you find our forecast this month? Do you think it is interesting and useful? If the answer is YES, be wise and use this to your advantage and be one step ahead of everyone else. Please do share this forecast with your family and friends. To know more about your luck for this month, just go to this link; https://www.juditheugenioglobal.com/store and book for a consultation. Stay tuned for next month’s bazi forecast. Thank you!