7 September- 8 October 2017 BAZI Forecast

Hi I am here again, Master Judith Eugenio, and I am very happy to share with you our forecast for September 7- October 8, 2017 Bazi Forecast.  But before anything else, do you know your DAYMASTER? If the answer NO, kindly log in to this website http://bazi.kevinfoongcg.com/blogin and type in your DATE OF BIRTH and TIME. Do not panic, if you do not have your time of hour, the forecast will be based on your Daymaster.   So see below a sample bazi chart;















Here we go:



For JIA WOOD Daymasters, this is a good month to expect new sources of income to come in, but just be mindful of your spending and budgeting habits. Remember, if you are about to make important decisions, you should take the time to reconsider what the options are on the table for you to decide properly. On the Legal side, you need to be a bit more careful to avoid any conflicts with the law. 

For YI WOOD Daymasters, there is growth on your investments for this month or you may find yourself bulking up some money to buy additional assets. If you are getting stressed within the month, don’t forget your daily dose of exercise—clear up your mind and have friends over, these will help relieve your stress. On the other hand, if you’re experiencing some misunderstandings with a few friends, have a sit down and talk it out over coffee. 

For BING FIRE Daymasters, you’ll find out that this month will be a very busy month for you. It needs your full attention. If you are a business owner, now is the best month to plan for an expansion. However, if your career path is employment, you will realize that this month, you might feel unhappy with your boss so try to be more patient and communicate efficiently with them to ease your work. Lastly, if you’re trying to get into new sources of income, focus on earth gain rather than windfall luck. 

For DING FIRE Daymasters, this is a very good month to brainstorm new ideas and take your life to a different direction. You will be very inspired to do things; may it be a project you’re working on or structuring a new business. For investment luck, there sure are some good options out there, just look into what fits you. You should always pay attention to your health, it should become a habit to have a proper exercise and distress when necessary. 

For WU EARTH Daymasters, spend the time to socialize this month, as you’ll meet up a lot of amazing people, who you might want to collaborate with. You will find yourself filled with tons of new energy and eager to do new things as well. For women, remember to be mindful in communication with your spouse to avoid unnecessary conflicts in between. 

For JI EARTH Daymasters, this month, you might find yourself gaining fame and have an increase in followers. So, use this wisely for your business or even your social network. A new splash of creative energy will fill you up, take this to your advantage on your projects or if you’re building up a new business. There are also signs of accidental money coming in, you’re encouraged to budget it wisely so that it won’t flow out easily. 

For GANG METAL Daymasters, channel your energy this month to learn a new skill and find out that it will complement well on what you want to achieve in the future. You will also feel the ease of learning this new skill this month. So, if your child is a Geng Metal Daymaster, it’s a really conducive month for him if he’s studying for an exam and while taking it. Your child’s learning rate will improve and he will absorb what he’s studying about. 

For XIN METAL Daymasters, it’s going to be a busy month in meeting new people, making new friends and as well as new opportunities, since this is an advantage for you, try to keep your options open. Innovation is always a key to creating fresh ideas and new business development plan, so try thinking outside of the box and you’ll be surprised. Remember to always ask for help this month as people will definitely support you in your endeavors. 

For REN WATER Daymasters, be your most careful self and watch out for legal offenses. Be keen in signing new contracts – read each page carefully. There will always be people to help you out when you need them, so don’t hesitate to voice out when needed. Use this month to research and learn new things. 

For GUI WATER Daymaster, this month can be pretty stressful for you. Just relax, slow down and focus on what you want to fulfill with your goals, one step at a time. But, don’t worry help is always there when you need it the most, especially coming from your friends and relatives. Always check your health and don’t forget to work out or do your daily exercise. 


So, how did you find our forecast this month? Do you think it is interesting and useful? If the answer is YES, be wise and use this to your advantage and be one step ahead of everyone else. Please do share this forecast with your family and friends. To know more about your luck for this month, just go to this link; https://www.juditheugenioglobal.com/store and book for a consultation. Stay tuned for next month’s bazi forecast. Thank you!