Commercial Feng Shui Consultation
Office Building
Shopping Malls &
Store outlets
Factories & Warehouses
Restaurants & Cafes
Every on-site commercial Feng Shui Audit by Master Judith Eugenio will involve: 
  • Determining auspiciousness of main door

  • Optimizing the energy flow of the office layout

  • Optimize table location for CEO or executive directors

  • Determine the best sitting location for key personnel

  • An auspicious renovation start work and time will be provided

  • The auspicious move in date and time will be provided. (If applicable)

  • An assessment report with all the recommendation will be sent in 7 business day.

  • A second on-site visit still by Master Judith Eugenio verify the recommendation were accomplished accordingly.

  • Strictly no purchase of Feng Shui ornaments as our school practices classical Feng Shui that study mountain and river formation.  Feng Shui trinkets and similar are new age Feng Shui that we do not subscribe to.

Improve your business sales & opportunities.  

Enhance good & harmonious relationships of your employees.  

Increase productivity of the operation.  

Reduce & eliminate negative energy.