1. Promo rate is exclusive of travel & accommodation expenses for an ocular visit
2. Second/Succeeding visit accommodation & travel expenses to be shouldered by the client and check-up fee of P10,000.00/Day to verify all recommendation is completed properly

3. Expect an email response from Master Judith Eugenio within twenty-four hours (24) after receipt of payment, for your consultation schedule.

Home Feng Shui


Residential Feng Shui consultation provides a thorough analysis of your home’s Feng Shui. External factors such as your surrounding, structure forms and overall 360 views are taken into consideration for the audit. In detail, the audit particularly focuses on areas that create a problem for the household members with regards to health, career, and relationships. Using Xuan Kong and San He Feng Shui, we can determine if the Qi (energy) for the period is the beneficial and possible outcome and events for the residents. Important factors would be your main door, kitchen, master bedroom, and other important areas. Advice with the rectification of the problem areas is recommended to improve the destiny of the whole family staying in the place.

Home Feng Shui
PHP 168,000  
Condo Feng Shui
PHP 98,000

Commercial Feng Shui


Ever wonder why some businesses seem to fail in a short period of time, while some prosper shortly after 6 months of operation? The secret of finding success in your business is largely determined by the Feng Shui of your business property. The position of your doors, placement of the cash register, your key managers sitting location and their offices need to be accurately positioned to ensure good Feng Shui Qi (energy) to support the business operations and success.

A good Feng Shui for your office, business or commercial outlet is extremely important as this can increase sales, growth, and productivity. While an office with bad Feng Shui will experience mainly; poor sales, very low productivity, customers who refuse to pay on time, customers who paid but continuously complain about every aspect of the service, staffs management issue and very politicized and quarrelsome office environment

Commercial Feng Shui
PHP 188,000
Office Feng Shui
PHP 158,000

Property Site Analysis for Residential or Commercial Building/per Unit

Property Analys.jpg

Feng Shui Site Analysis for residential or commercial property is checking on the shape and the cut of the land, soil quality, proximity of water and mountain location, movement of the wind and other environmental features closest and nearest that would affect the property positively or negatively. The job of a Feng Shui Consultant is to evaluate the landform in the area, find out what Qi is present and understand how it will affect the property. Is Qi positive? brings wealth opportunities and harmony or is the Qi negative? brings illness, unhappiness and blind to see opportunities for wealth creation.

Property Site Analysis for Residential or Commercial Building/per Unit
PHP 38,000

Office/Commercial Unit Selection for Restaurant/Cafes


Selecting the best Feng Shui unit in a shopping mall for your restaurant or cafe is the first step to successful planning of your outlet.The main door entrance of your restaurant or cafe, position of your cashier location and placement of the kitchen are paramount focus for good Feng Shui. Ensuring good flow of energy also provides a conducive environment for the staffs.

Office/Commercial Unit Selection for Restaurant/Cafes
PHP 38,000



1. Expect an email response from Master Judith Eugenio within twenty-four hours (24) after receipt of payment, for your consultation schedule. 

Live Bazi Consultation

Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 7.03.48 PM.png

The correlation of your date of birth and time contains vital information to your destiny. You can unlock your true potential and gain a better understanding of your destiny path by making a well-informed decision at the right time. Your life events are shaped by every single decision that you made. Knowing when to start a business, form a new partnership or changing your job give you the upper hand to success quickly, with the path of least resistance.

One (1) hour Live Bazi Consultation
PHP 9,800

Available for clients in Cebu City.

Online Bazi Consultation


Our consultation is never telling you what missing element in your chart, what colors you should wear, and all the technical Bazi jargon to confuse you further. Our focus is to know the problem that is troubling you and help you to make a well-informed decision.

Your destiny is not 100% fated or fixed. Understanding your own Bazi helps you to work with uncertainties and knowing your inner strength and weakness. A Bazi analysis will aid you to look at your luck cycle (external influences), knowing how it will affect and influence your life. Making the right decision at the right time put you through the path of least resistance, and thus faster to your goal success.

One (1) hour online Bazi Consultation
PHP 13,800

Consultation via Skype or Messenger.

12 Months Forecast Personalized Bazi Report

  • 12 months analysis (next upcoming 12 months) on health, wealth and opportunities so you can make a well-informed decision on the year ahead

  • A Bazi overview of your characteristic, strength, and weakness

  • Best industries to work in

  • The best element that fits your personal chart

  • Personal advice from Master Judith Eugenio

  • Having your immediate question answered

  • Please email info@juditheugenioglobal.com upon purchase with your date of birth, country (City) of birth, Gender and time for analysis.

12 months Forecast Bazi Report
PHP 14,800

Delivery via email in PDF format after three (3) working days after payment.



1. Expect an email response from Master Judith Eugenio within twenty-four hours (24) after receipt of payment, for your consultation schedule. 

2. To be delivered via email in PDF format.

3. Delivery via email in PDF format after three (3) working days after payment.

Wedding Date
Wedding Date
PHP 38,000

A good wedding date selection is a good remedy to minimize the in-compatibility of the couple of their BaZi and to ensure smooth flowing of the relationship. Take no chance when choosing an auspicious wedding date. A bad date can cause a serious problem with your spouse or in-laws when there are clashes. A good supportive wedding date can prosper the couple after their marriage. Not only we perform check on the date for the bride and groom, but it is also ensured the parents Bazi do not clash with the date. This is important as some people encountered a problem with their in-law right after their marriage. The most important date is the date registered for your registered a marriage recognized by the country government.

Our wedding date selection package includes the following:

  • Selection of your ROM Date

  • Selection of your Customary Wedding Date

  • Good wedding dates are not selected by the commonly used Tong Shu which is highly inaccurate or easily generated by software in an instant. It is based on traditional classical method that perform checks on the actual bazi of both the couples and their parents.

Cesarean Birth Date

Every parents want to ensure a fortunate life for their child. A good BaZi of the child brings great fortune not only to himself but only for the whole family. In Bazi study, there are stars that represent the parent. Having good and auspicious stars in these palaces denotes the child parents is wealthy and fortunate. With the link ensures the parent’s luck improves after the birth of the child. Some of you may have witness your close friend luck seems to have change for the better after they had a child, while other parents luck went down after a particular child. Such cases is usually caused by a child BaZi that is not supportive of their parents.


On the other hand, having a clash in the Bazi chart of the child can see his parents going through divorce or bad health. In ancient time, people would say the child “Ke” (clash) the parents, thus giving them tremendous amount of misery and hardship. You need to understand this is not the child’s problem, but the elemental influences of the child birth time that resulted these outcomes.

A Birth Date selection for Cesarean Birth involves tremendous amount of work as each day BaZi have endless possibilities. We can only assist during the 10 Day period which you decide to give birth. The gender of the child must be ensured and provided to us prior to the date selection.

  • A child with a good supportive time of birth is for the following:

  • Good health with no major clashes in BaZi (takes away chances of cancer, birth defects, other serious health issues)

  • Possess good luck cycle during their age 20s – 60s

  • Does not clash his own parents (some parents luck goes down when the child is born in a time that is said to clash the parents) 

  • Have supportive luck (nobleman) to aid the child during time of needs

  • Tap onto his wealth luck easily

  • Good superior luck (get promoted easily in the future)

  • Supportive parents (a bad chart can mean the parents have high chances of divorce or separation)

  • Good learning skills

Please allow 15 working days for the research to be completed as it is extremely crucial to have a good birth date and time selected within 10 days period prior to estimated delivery due date.

Cesarean Birth Date
PHP 68,000
Opening/Product Launch Date
PHP 38,000
Contract/Agreement Signing Date
PHP 28,000
Business Negotiation Date
PHP 38,000
Business Travel Date
PHP 28,000
Medical Process/Surgery Date
PHP 38,000
House/Office Start of Construction/Renovation Date
PHP 38,000
House/Office Moving In/Blessing Date
PHP 38,000
Bank Payment Options for Online Money Transfer and OTC Banking


1. We require full payment before the service is rendered.

2. Email transaction/deposit slip to info@juditheugenioglobal.com

3. Expect an email response from Master Judith Eugenio within twenty-four hours (24) after receipt of payment, for your consultation schedule. 

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